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Our Home Boarding is the opposite to Kennells.

Your dog will be part of the family, will enjoy all the home comforts and will recieve lots of Love and attention.

During the day he/she will be part of our Doggie daycare which is an action packed fun day, when all the dogs leave at the end of the day your dog will come in to the family home, have dinner and then rest and relax with us. We have children so will have some play time with them and then most nights contain a wind down in the living room in front of the TV.

We try and mimic as much as you do at home, if your dog is allowed on the sofa at home then its allowed here. We only draw the line at sleeping in our beds!! However they will have the comfort of the heated floor and the resident dogs.

You dog will be home boarding in one of two homes depending on their behaviour and needs. He/she will either remain at HQ or go home with  Lucy . Both homes have Vizslas that your dog can play and cuddle with and we will ensure your dog is happy and content at all times.

Over night stay is £14 per night plus £26 for the Doggie daycare = £40 per 24 hr stay. We have a second dog discount from same house hold of £8 per night plus £22 doggie daycare = £70 for 2 dogs(rices from January 2020)

Please note we have a 25% surcharge for bank holidays and 50% surcharge over festive and Easter period.

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