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  • Are you insured?
    Yes Woofies and Walkies has Public Liability Insurance. However we will only walk dogs that have their own insurance for the safety of your dog.

  • Do you have expereince with dogs?
    Yes, we have over 30 years expereince with dogs. From owning a variety of breads, from working at the RSPCA, From studying dog behaviour and training and from Woofs and Walkies for the last 7 years

  • How is my dog transported?
    Currently the dogs we walk are all based locally so are walked from their homes to the walk which is great for training of lead work. However we have a private vehicle that has a large boot with dog guard.

  • What happens if my dog runs off whilst out on a walk?
    All dogs walked with Woofs and Walkies wear a reflective collar with an id tag with our details. However that being said we do not let dogs run off to far which is why we work very hard on recall during our walks. The dogs think its a game but its working on the safety of the walk. If your dogs proves its recall is not good we do not let it of the lead unless we are sure its 100% safe to do so.

  • Do you give the dogs treats whilst walking?
    Yes but only with your permission and all treats are natural and organic.

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